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Spring Carrot Wreath

I’ve seen these adorable mesh carrot wreaths all over Pinterest and love them.  I decided to make one of my own and it turned out super cute!!

First you need one of the open cone shaped grapevine door wreaths.  They have them Hobby Lobby but not sure about Michael’s.  You also need a large role of orange mesh and a small roll of green mesh or green tulle.  I opted for the sparkly green tulle.

Then just loop and wire the mesh onto the cone which is already in the shape of your carrot adding in the green mesh along the top.  I added in a small pot with greenery coming out of the top and a little wooden bunny pick.

This wreath is perfect for the Spring and Easter seasons, just remove the rabbit to use it all during spring!


Valentine’s Day Beer Tower

Valentine’s Day has long passed but I am just now getting around to posting this.  I didn’t want to post before hand since it was my gift to my hubby this year and yes he follows my blog!!  If you don’t already follow, please sign up so you can automatically get my new posts!

I find it hard to get a great gift for Valentine’s Day and sometimes other occasions too.  One thing that is always a great idea is consumables!!  Especially if you know what that person likes, this way it is not a waste of money and they can’t return it!!

My husband loves beer so what says I love you more than a tower of it??

I decided to do my base of the cake/tower in a beer that I knew was a favorite at my house.  This particular beer is also in a white, gold and red can …. perfect for the romantic occasion.  I used a large round cardboard cake platter for the bottom level and it took 13 beer cans.

The next level was a little smaller, I just cut the cardboard down about an inch.  This layer is where I went to Total Wine and cruised the beer isle. I used 12 beers for this layer, I picked out interesting beers that I thought my hubby would like, all while making sure they were the same height so the next layer would be stable.

The third tier of this tower consisted of 4 small bottles of red label chimay beer, one of his favorites!!  To top it all off I got a pink bottle of Rogue Chocolate Pretzel beer!  Haven’t tried it yet but their maple bacon one was delish so hoping this is too.  Also added in a couple cigars and a big Reese’s peanut butter heart!

Brian loved it, it came out super cute and was a big hit!  He drank some that night and had his cigar after dinner. This concept can me done so many different ways with pretty much any theme!  Would be super cute for a St. Patty’s Day party!!

Valentine’s Day Table Settings

I am one of those people that really thinks Valentine’s Day is all about marketing and money making.  Yet I do love to make Valentine’s boxes for my kids, bake cute cupcakes and make a great meal!  I picked up a few things at the Dollar Tree this year and put together two cute table settings!!

Red Roses Table Setting

Loved the cute heart ties from the dollar store, what a great way to make his and hers place settings.  I glued the felt hearts to the treat boxes and will fill them with hersey kisses or some oreo bon bons.   Just depends on how much time I have this week to make the bon bons.

This whole table setting cost me $4 to put together.   All I bought was the silver cartons, the red felt hearts, the metallic red basket filler and the tie.  The rest is stuff that I already had around my house!!  The only other thing that I might add would be a couple candles for ambiance but I felt that it was overcrowded with them.

Pink Roses Table Setting

I think this setting is a little more romantic.  It has more of a formal dinner feel to me, I love how the gold looks with the pink.  This setting was put together for $2, thats right $2!!!

I already had pink petals and the ribbon on the back of the chairs was from my ribbon bin.  All I bought was the pink felt hears and the pink garland on the back of the chair.   I always think fresh flowers of any kind are the best to use and these were cut from my own rose bush.  The only other touch I would add to this setting is a framed printout of the dinner menu and maybe some candles.

photo 5

   photo 5

Fabric Wall Panels

Large open walls can be very hard to decorate, and quite expensive.  A nice large piece of art or mirror can sometimes be hard to find, especially if you have to stay within a budget.  What I find to be the hardest is finding exactly what I want in the right size.

So after months of staring at a wall with a large iron work on it I finally decided to make my own wall art.  Seeing some postings on Pinterest got my creative juices flowing.  I went to Home Depot in search of wood or foam to use.  I found a large piece of insulation foam board for $15.  It was very sturdy and the nice man there measured and cut it into 3 perfect pieces for me.

I then went to a fabric warehouse here in Phoenix and was more than overwhelmed by all the choices.  I walked and looked for a couple hours until finally deciding on reversible fabric that had the right colors and pattern I was looking for.   I bought one yard which would be enough to cover one board, I wanted to make sure it looked good before I bought all of it and wasn’t happy with it.

Using a staple gun I quickly got the first board covered and loved it!!  The colors brightened my room like I was wanting it to and the size of three panels was perfect to cover my wall.  I went back and got two more yards of fabric and did the other two.

Luckily these are very light and easy to hang using contact strips.   I get lots of compliments on them and if I get tired of them I can easily change the fabric for under $50.

Fabric Panel Fabric Panels Fabric Panels

Of course after a couple days of looking at them I did feel like they weren’t quite finished looking.  To pick up the trim in my couch I went to Hobby Lobby and got some bronze nail heads to add all the way around them.  It gave them the detail they needed and took no time to push them into the foam.

Dallas Cowboys Wreath

I made this Dallas Cowboys wreath for a friend as a birthday present. It is mesh ribbon on a midsize wire wreath frame.

I added in the sheer ribbon and gray chevron ribbon as accents. Since this wreath was for man I didn’t want to make it too flashy or use polka dot ribbon.  I got the silver stars at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas ornament section.

I had a hard time finding a Cowboys logo or helmet large enough to fit in the middle so I ended up buying a wooden star and hand painting it. After 2 coats of mod podge it came out pretty good.


DIY Christmas Tree Cones

I love all the different Christmas cones I see everywhere.   They have become so popular and I keep wanting to buy more.  Last year I made four of them to give to my kids teachers.  They all loved them and so did I, but the problem was that I didn’t get to keep one for myself.

This year I decided to make more to sell and also keep a couple for myself.   There is so many different fabrics that the combinations are endless.  Jenn and I went to Hobby Lobby so together we could get double the amount made.  We started by picking out the accessories for them and then headed to the fabric section.

After being there 2 hours and enjoying every minute of it while laughing our butts off as usual, we finally left with enough material to make 10 different cones.  After working for a few hours and drinking a whole pot of coffee here are our creations!

If you put them on top of a candle stick or lamp it gives them even more height and a finished look.

Peacock Cone Santa Hat Cone Red Leopard Cone Brown Leopard Cone Brown and Black Conenatural brown cone red bird cone Peacock cone natural poinsettia cone black & silver cone natural snowflake cone black & gold cone

Thanksgiving Table Settings ….. From Traditional to Simple

I love hosting Thanksgiving each year!!  Each year I try to do a different theme for my table, but not going out to buy new things.  Trying to find the perfect setting always takes some thought and some time.  Here are a few setting ideas using things I already have around the house.

Traditional Formal Thanksgiving Table

I used all my good china and stemware for this setting.  The plate is gold rimmed and so are the glasses, giving this a very rich and formal feeling.  If you notice even the flatware is gold, I don’t pull these out very often but Thanksgiving is one of those occasions that they do appear on my table.

I used the fresh rosemary to add a touch of color and naturalness to the table.  A lot of people don’t like to use taper candles anymore, I still do because they give height without blocking your view of who is sitting next to you.  I love this setting, the only draw back is everything has to be hand washed!!  And when you are hosting a large crowd it can be very time consuming!

The Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table

This setting turned out to be one of my favorites!!  I love the contrast of the brown place mats and the beige plates.  I also like square plates, they give a very clean line and polished look!  For the centerpiece on this table I looked around my house and used my three favorite candles and wrapped them with some leaves.

I used plain stemware and flatware for this setting.  It is a very simple setting so elegant.  The colors are mesh so well and wrapping the napkin around the plate is such a great touch. I chose to use simple gold napkin rings but you could use anything from twine to ribbon.  Just depends on the look you are going for.

Fall Freshness Table

This setting is even simpler than the one before.  Using the white plates gives this look such a fresh feeling and adding the silver buckets gives it a little bit of a rustic yet chic feel.  I found these tins in the dollar bin at Target a couple years ago.  I love them because they are so versatile and you can personalize them with the chalkboard strip on the front!


The runner is wrapping paper that also came from the dollar bin at Target!  I love how the polka dots pick up the dotted edges of the plates.  No formal feeling at this table as I just stuck the flatware in your personalized tin bucket and stuck the colored napkin in the wine glass.

Which will I choose this year?????

I love all of these settings and couldn’t decide which one to use so I did what anyone would do …… chose my favorite part of each setting and put them all together to get exactly what I had in mind.  All while rummaging through my fall decoration bin.

I did make a purchase at Hobby Lobby this week because all their fall decor was 80% off and I couldn’t pass up their fall candles.  I used stuff I have in my craft closet and fall bins and dressed them up.  So here is a sneak peek at what this years table will look like!!

I love using the fresh rosemary, I have 4 huge bushes of it on the side of my house.  The smell is amazing!!

So what is your favorite setting??  Please leave a comment, like this post and follow my blog!!  Stay tuned for pictures of the rest of my Thanksgiving feast and be sure to check back for my Thanksgiving drink station decor!!

Fall Wreath Frenzy

This is it for the fall wreath making!! Jenn and I have been busy this week and frequented Hobby Lobby quite a bit!  Please contact me if you have any question and let me know which ones you love!!

Chevron burlap Fall Fabric Fall Fabric

Burlap ribbon

photo 5

photo 4

photo 5

photo 5

Traditional fall wreath

Grapevine and Sunflower Fall Wreath

This wreath is very traditional and simple.  The colors are perfect for fall and the glossy alligator textured ribbon adds a touch of class.  Perfect for any front door!!

Traditional fall wreath

Fall Burlap & Flower Wreath

Just made this adorable fall burlap wreath. Love the sequin center on the sunflower and the black sequin ribbon to match!

Don’t forget that you can contact me if you have any questions and please feel free to leave your comments!!  I love hearing from you!!

Fall Burlap wreath Fall Burlap wreath

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